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Listen, I’m horrible at talking about myself. I am. Self-promotion gives me the eebie-jeebies. My sister had to verbally slap me a few times before I started to force myself to start sharing more of my life resume. I understand the importance of it (especially in my business), but sheesh, it’s a challenge! After having typed some of my background, I see that much of what I’ve prayed and worked for is on this page, and I hope, at minimum, it inspires someone. So’here’goes:

I grew up in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) with diverse, eclectic surroundings and a multi-talented family. From childhood, I have been immersed in acting, dance, choreography, touring, boxing, martial arts, sports, modeling, music, directing – with great opportunities offered early on.

Before the age of 13, I had my own performance company – personally booking gigs with large companies. I was a special-request performer for Sammy Davis Jr. to tap at one of his last big birthday parties, was touring with my family’s performance troupe, and modeled for countless magazines and catalogues. Before the age of 17, I had written and toured a couple of my own plays, and had several sports and academic scholarship offers. I’d been offered to graduate early but instead, spent my last 2 years of high school as a Student Teacher (dance and acting) and Student Counselor, taught dance all over the Twin Cities, was a teacher for an advanced Musical Theater College Summer Program, was being managed and booked all over the Midwest with a hip-hop crew, and was committed to the Twin City’s rich theater scene.

By 23, I had already worked with Prince on several projects, both as a casting director and as talent, had managed my first talent agency, been in 6 different bands, was on tour as a singer/dancer/choreographer, and had the privilege of being a principal actor in several national commercials.

In my twenties, I managed a record company, photography studio, a second talent agency, scouting agency, talent development company, toured as a runway show choreographer, and worked in full-time ministry for more than 10 years as a Television Production Director and Multi-Ministry Consultant. It was during those ministry years that I joined another improv’ troupe and became a full-time non-linear editor and motion graphics artist. I was brought in by various ministries to train their Television Production and Multi-Media staffs. Editing is what paid my bills the first few years after moving to Los Angeles. It was a great skill to have as I learned to navigate the acting industry here.

Within a month after moving to Los Angeles, I was fortunate enough to book my first starring role in a (yet unreleased) film and since then, have been consistently working on projects I love.

My goal is to continue maturing in character, ministry, and creativity; to provide opportunities to people who may not otherwise get a chance to develop and share their skills; to employ the good-hearted and hard-working while providing launching pads to their own entrepreneurship.

I’m currently growing my production company, directing and producing several multi-media projects, acting of course, writing, teaching bible studies, and, God help me, fulfilling my unique calling.

My story is; life is good.
And I’m grateful.

Contact me to inquire about speaking, teaching, or collaborations.

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