I grew up in Minnesota where the number of racist attacks against me, both verbal and physical, are too numerous to list. I can only think of one time when anyone witnessing the attacks did anything about it. And that was my mother.

In 2004 or ‘5, after moving to Los Angeles, a man noticing me from his convertible sports car across the street, began yelling for my attention. As I got closer (I was out for a run), he became so enraged to discover I was a “nigger”, that he went from catcalls to repeatedly yelling at the top of his lungs, “YOU’RE A NIGGER???! YOU’RE A NIGGER???! YOU’RE A NIGGER???!” He tore out of the gas station he was in, wheels screeching, illegally bolted through the busy Los Feliz intersection, creating near-accidents, all to chase me down – jumping the curb where I was with his car. He appeared to be about to jump out…

Now, from my many racist experiences in Minnesota and the times I’d been followed and called a nigger just a couple miles away from Los Feliz (Glendale, I knew I was on my own. In those split seconds, I believed I had planned an escape route where he wouldn’t be able to jump back in his car and hunt me down.

Then a miracle happened – it seemed like everyone in that vicinity, both driving and walking, all at once, came to my defense. One guy jumped between me and Psycho-Racist and started out-yelling him. I had a woman, out for a walk with her stroller even trying to protect me. People stopped their cars and began honking and cursing at him. It was GLORIOUS! They were shocked it was happening. I wasn’t. They were outraged over someone treating me like this. I was calm. They chased the guy out of there and made sure I was okay before leaving.

None of them were brown or black, and though it shouldn’t have been, it was a surprise to me that strangers, white strangers, would defend me so fiercely.

I guess I’m writing this after seeing the attached video. It reminds me that –
1. Many people still don’t know (or accept) there is everyday racism that non-white/non-light/people w/color un-noticeably endure
2. There hasn’t been a surge of racism since Trump’s campaign began, only a revealing. Melanin-hate, culture-hate and “other”-hate, is still alive and kickin’
3. We need to defend, protect, speak up, record, make aware, expose, and especially OUT-LOVE ignorance and hatred.

I began crying after he’d been chased off and people dispersed. The couple of people who remained tried to console me. They thought I was crying because of what Whackadoodle-Doo-Doo-Dude did. But that wasn’t it. I was used to that.

I wept because I was LOVED BY STRANGERS.


Open your mouth, speak up for and ensure the justice for those being crushed.
Proverbs 31:8

…an #evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For THE MOUTH SPEAKS WHAT THE HEART IS FULL OF
Luke 6:45b

…LOVE doesn’t rejoice at #injustice but rejoices when right and #truth prevail…it always PROTECTS, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. #LOVENEVERFAILS
1 Corinthians 13


Love you!
Kimberly Arland

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