“…follow me as I follow Christ…” is a BOLD statement! (1 Cor 11:1)

Could we say, “Follow me as I follow Christ” and not lead people astray?

When I read it, I hear him saying, “I have Christ-like characteristics.
I am an excellent representation so:
Act like I do
Talk like I do
Think like I do
React like I do
Be like me people, and you’ll be being like Him!”

I had to stop and ask myself if I could boldly say all of that, or any part of that!

To lead someone is an act of mentorship. It is discipleship,
serving, teaching, helping…

Some of us might say, “Yes, follow me, but my example and help have a limit. As long as I’m not inconvenienced or have to make a sacrifice, follow me”; or “Follow me if it will be seen by others.”; or “As long as it’s only for a week or so, follow me.”

Without sacrifice, there is no follow me.

Paul made this “Follow me…” statement not in pride, but because he deeply cared for the church body. He knew that it was his responsibility to help others by example. He loved people, wanted better for them, and did something about it by starting with his own life and relationship with God. He was a true sacrificial ambassador.

We often don’t make sacrifices because it’s, plainly said, hard.
We may not make sacrifices for others’ sake because we don’t see immediate results;
but I think it’s a lack of empathy, a lack of vision,
a lack of knowing the heart of God, a lack of love.

There are people waiting for us to get our acts together—
waiting for us to get to the point of being able to say, “Follow me…”
in whatever area God has called or gifted us.
There are people waiting for us to turn away from our reflection in the mirror
and love them.
How many of us are actively doing or working on this?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is another example of someone that may or may not have ever said “Follow me…”, yet people did. Yet, people are. Yet, people will.
What a legacy this man left!
I learn more every year about what he’s done.
He loved others to the point of personal hurt. He loved the future to the point of death.
He wanted something different for people.
He talked about it. He walked about it.

The fruit of his leadership wasn’t necessarily seen while he was alive,
but it was desperately needed and is a part of a greater whole.
We hopefully understand the same thing:
that what we do or do not do affects the greater whole.

Even though it is mostly black people that followed and respected Dr. King,
they are not the only people he was leading.
He was leading everyone else in a second-hand manor.
He is still not just leading a certain culture or melanin level,
he is still leading those who want better for those who need better.
He’s still leading based on a value system—based on Godly principals,
and God’s principals are rooted in love.

It’s a shame when I hear people call Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, “Nigger Day” or
Their Holiday”. It is a “Follow-Him-Because-He-is–an-Example-in-Peace-Love-and-Justice Day.” It is a “Follow-Him-Because-he-did his-Best to Follow Christ-Day.”
It is our holiday.

If you are negating Dr. King’s message because of his imperfections or the vessel through which it was shared, I challenge you to sincerely ask yourself why.
If you are belittling the holiday named after him or the man himself,
you may be missing the bigger root-message of Christ’s love.

If we are not yet able to confidently say, “Follow me…”, why not?
What excuses did Paul have—did Dr. King have?
Are we waiting on perfection?

People are waiting to follow us whether they know it or not,
whether we know them or not, and whether we think we’re ready or not.
We need to change and start walking
so that more people may come to know what and Who True Love Is.

Let us strive to be like Christ: followable.

Whoever you are, love you!
Kimberly Arland

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If I’m not doing the beautiful works that my Father sent me to do, then don’t believe me…
Jhn 10:37 (TPT)

Identify with those who are in prison as though you were there suffering with them, and those who are mistreated as if you could feel their pain.
Heb 13:3 (TPT)




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