BLOG: What if God Were Real?

Both a BLOG and VLOG available below.

What if God really IS real and beyond what we could dare imagine?

What if He is beyond the less than 100% of our brain that we use, beyond what we can see with our natural eyes and beyond what we’ve heard or experienced?

What if this were so,  then you die, and far too late, find out that you weren’t a natural being having a human experience, but are actually an eternally spiritual being having a temporary natural experience. So your natural life ends, you leave your earth suit, leave time, enter into eternity and find everything you were taught or assumed or built your life upon was wrong…that everything you thought about life after death, death after life, God… was all wrong?  You find, that all this time, you judged God or Who He could be, by human standards and missed out on your whole purpose for being?

You find that for whatever reason you chose to ignore Him like I did – whether it be due to embarrassment, laziness, comparing Him to a human father, misguidance, poor examples, tragedy in your life, supposed hyper-intelligence – for whatever reason you chose to reject Him – what if with our limited mental and spiritual capacity, you find that He blows your every idea of Him out of the water, blows it far outside the box you tried to put Him in? What if He is so amazing, not only is He incomprehensible but your human body and brain can’t even handle His Full Presence? That His full Presence doesn’t even become accessible until you leave your body? Yet! Despite you rejecting Him, in His jam-packed grace, He daily offers to you as much as you CAN handle and you eventually discover you had turned a blind eye to what he revealed and had became hard of hearing or even deaf to His Voice. His 100% Holy, Spiritual Voice, speaking to that spirit of yours, inside that earth suit of yours, was stifled by that minus 10% brain intelligence of yours. And! Despite all THAT, you find He loves you so much, that He didn’t try to control and manipulate you into making you love Him back but allowed you freedom of choice, during your short time here, allowed you to make your own decisions about Him and you decided He wasn’t one of them because you couldn’t wrap your brain around it? You couldn’t wrap your limited, natural brain around an infinite and omnipotent spiritual Father.
What if?
If this were the case, if this is the case, isn’t He worth a thorough and complete investigation?

Love you!
Kimberly Arland


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