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A few EQUIPMENT-ON-A-BUDGET items I use and like
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You can cut some corners on some things but sound equipment? Not so much! The sound equipment and accessories I use below not only don’t break the bank, but have served me well.


  1. When shooting by myself, this long audio cable has been invaluable (for my Rode shotgun or lav mics):
  2. I LOVE this Lav Mic:
  3. Keep in mind, you may also need to a 3.5mm connector for your lav mic:
  4. I use my trusty Zoom H1 portable recorder with my LAV, as a shotgun mic, and for interviews. FYI, the H1 (older version) has received better reviews than the most recent H1n:
  5. This shotgun mic works perfectly mounted on my DSLR as it doesn’t show up in the lens ’cause it’s short:
  6. Or you can find a great price on a boom mic kit:
  7. If you shoot on a DSLR (or any camera for that matter), it’s imperative to have extra batteries!
  8. I sometimes shoot projects on my phone. I highly recommend a large and separate SD card for that:
  9. This car mount has an amazing flexible arm! It comes in both clamp and magnetic versions (I haven’t tried the magnetic one yet):




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